Hello IB Students! I just wanted tp drop a hint that you will be having a quantitative chemistry quiz (Unit 1 in the textbook) on Thursday September 8th in class. It is only 4 questions but each question is broken into parts so there are actually 10 questions. It is all math except for two explanation questions. Make sure that you look over Unit 1 in the textbook. Be sure to review things like moles, grams, empirical formulas, gas laws, theoretical yield, percent yield, and molarity. It will be worth 22 points and there will be no corrections on it.

ALSO- you will have many take home tests on Medicine and Drugs through out the year. Make sure that you are keeping up with the information and not forgetting it because you did it over the summer.

See you on Tuesday!

I thought that it would be a good idea to start up the discussion page. Since we are going to have a SL test within the first week of school I thought that we could post problems or questions that we have on this page.
Voltaic and Electrolytic Cell Review?
Red Cat and An Ox- Reduction always occurs at the Cathode and Oxidation always occurs at the Anode
Electrons always flow from Anode to Cathode
Voltaic Cell- Anode is negative and Cathode is positive
Electrolytic Cell- Anode is positive and Cathode is negative

I need HELP! Can anyone help me understand the metabolism of Ethanol?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Karen
Karen- you don't need to know how Ethanol is metabolized. It is EXTREMELY complicated. You just need to know that most of it is broken down by the liver and they there is a small amount that the kidneys and lungs take care of (which is very a breathalyzer can be used for blood alcohol levels). It is much more important to know the effects of alcohol and ways to detect alcohol. Hope that helps and eases your concerns. - Mrs. Smith
THANK YOU! - Karen

This is a great idea, but it seems to me that you think that the test within the first week of school is on all the SL material. From what I gathered from the packet, every time we start a unit, we will have a day to review all the SL material from that unit, then have a quiz on the content of that Unit's material the following class. If you already knew that, I apologize, and if there is another test on all the SL material in the first week, let me know, because the packet does not say there will be one.

Sam- I know that we are going to be tested a unit at a time but I thought that studying for everything couldn't hurt because the longer you wait to refresh your memory on the material the more you might forget, sorry if I scared you.